Business Plans, Process & Communication

We understand just how important relationships are. And when it comes to creating strategies for you and your business, you can expect communication to be at the center. The more effective the communication, the better the results - it's that simple. Success is ultimately dependent on the buy-in of your management team, employees and other stakeholders. Therefore, we go to great lengths to involve them in the early stages of planning as well as execution.

Every business's needs are different, so not all services need apply to your situation. Please know that we have been very successful in all these areas and can gladly show you specific case studies, if requested.

Business Analysis & Reporting

We don't propose to come in a do a complete research project that requires months to gather and turn into actionable programs. But we will want to do an independent analysis of your current situation, with input from you and your staff. This includes a market overview, and understanding your competitive set. We want to know what's worked/what hasn't to help identify opportunities to be seized and problems to be overcome.

Strategic Planning & Positioning

A good strategy and position creates a unique sales advantage for you and protects against "lowest-price" deals. It can't be made up. Instead it will reflect core truths about you that meet your prospects' needs. Ideally, it will create barriers for any competitor that tries to enter your position. No way. You own it. Let them try.

Marketing Strategies and Effective Programs That Get Executed

Most marketing today is tactical – not strategic. What good is generating 50,000 banner clicks to your website if they don't result in a sale? We can help you define strategies that put your message in front of your prospect in ways that are not just timely and relevant. We design them to provoke prospects to act now. We take a full 360° approach to your marketing, integrating the full suite of marketing tools – digital and traditional. The results are programs for lead generation, conversion to sales, higher sales ticket averages and increased frequency of purchase. Then we execute, analyze the results and tweak them as needed. 

Strategic and Partnership Alliances

Most of our clients do not enjoy mega-budgets, so being resourceful is mandatory. That's why we are such great believers in Win/Win Alliances - creating programs that use other peoples' money to further your goals.

Brand Re-Introductions, Go-to-Market Strategies, Opening New Channels

You may have a once mighty brand that's now just a tired brand. Don't write it off. We can help you find an updated positioning, develop go-to-market strategies and even help with opening new channels.

Customer Loyalty Programs

The most cost-effective sale is the recurring sale to your existing clients. Yet, most businesses put that last on their list of "to-dos". Loyalty programs don't need to be expensive. Just let them know you appreciate them.

Leadership Coaching and Management (see our "Rent an Expert")